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A Django-nonrel Testapp Blog With Tagging

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If you’re working with django-nonrel and appengine, there’s a django-testapp barebones application you can work off as a starting point (there’s no application code, just setup code and files for appengine).

I decided to have a play with it and come up with a basic blogging application. I scoured the web for example simple django-nonrel apps but couldn’t find too many; because of this I’ve decided to release this small example so as to point people in the right direction when starting out with appengine and nonrel.

I had a few troubles trying to figure out the best way to implement simple tagging for a blog post. The solution I ended up with used a ListField from django-toolbox (a django ManyToMany field is not supported by django-nonrel).

I also integrated django-bootstrap-toolkit so it comes with a frontend out the box.

I forked the repo and uploaded my changes to django-testapp so go there and clone the project to get a basic django-nonrel blogging application with tagging, and some bootstrap thrown in for free.