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Nginx 301 to External Url

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I’m currently migrating my posterous blog domain name vietnameseinshoreditch.co.uk to something which I think is a little better and more SEO friendly, shoreditchvietnamese.co.uk. To redirect the existing urls on the old domain to the new domain I need to set up an Nginx 301 redirect.

Currently my DNS A records for vietnameseinshoreditch.co.uk point to posterous’ IP. I want to point them to my own server which is running Nginx and get Nginx to 301 any requests to my new domain (which will point to posterous). This way any previous links lying around will still work and I’ll maintain all of Google’s link juice and eventually shoreditchvietnamese.co.uk will be seen as the canonical url.

Here’s the Nginx config:

Simple. This 301s all requests to the new domain name and maintains the full request uri.

Give it a go, the link below should get 301’d from vietnameseinshoreditch.co.uk to shoreditchvietnamese.co.uk.