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Python vs PHP

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I’m a PHP developer at heart and have been professionally since around 2007. I’ve dabbled in Ruby a fair few times but never stuck with it. I’m teaching myself Python at the moment as a fair few colleagues have coded in it and they all have good things to say about the language.

I know PHP fairly damn well - enough to know where to look for things which I don’t understand or know of, and I can figure out a new API or concept easily as I know the language. However with Python the concepts, syntax and semantics are somewhat different and I’m constantly finding myself in the situation where I want to do something simple, which I could do in 1 minute or less in PHP, but because I have no idea about Python I end up spending 5 times as long trying to figure it out.

I’ve decided to try and do a few posts on Python vs PHP where I’ll show how I’ve achieved the same outcome in both languages. As I’m learning the language there’s going to be some simple stuff here and I apologise if any of it is wrong or retarded, but if it helps someone who’s in the same position as me then I’m happy.

Here’s a list of Python vs PHP posts:

Also read a post about Learning Python where you can see some code comparisons between Python and PHP. There’s some discussion of interest on Hacker News.